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Vietnam Diving All Year Round with Rainbow Divers

Rainbow Divers is proud to offer diving around Nha Trang, Whale Island, Phu Quoc, Con Dao and Saigon so you can rest assured that you are diving with the experts of Vietnam diving and as safety is our number one priority we operate our dive centers in accordance with when you will enjoy the best diving experience possible in our exquisite waters.

Until further notice, we are only open in Saigon, Nha Trang and on Whale Island.
Con Dao Island + Phu Quoc Island will reopen for diving + PADI Courses when Covid permits.
Till then, stay safe!


Established more than 22 years ago and open for 12 months of the year, this is our original dive centre. We are extremely proud of our Nha Trang base which put diving in Vietnam on the map and is now our flagship IDC centre where we also teach Instructors not just beginners. Diving is excellent all year round but our favourite months for diving in Nha Trang are between February and October.

Nha Trang offers phenomenal macro life and the area around Hon Mun Island has been a Marine Protected Area since 2003 which ensures that we have healthy and varied marine life and will continue to do so many years to come.

From Nha Trang we offer daily diving, Try-Dives, Snorkeling, exclusive speedboat options, a full range of PADI Courses including residential Divemaster and Instructor programs.

Nha Trang on land? With stunning scenery ranging from a 7km long, palm fringed white sand beach and crystal clear waters to lush green tropical mountains there is something for everyone in Nha Trang which makes it a perfect holiday destination.

We also offer day trips to Whale Island from Nha Trang
A stunning Eco-Resort just 2 hours by car. We’ll collect you from your Hotel (early), make 2 boat dives, have a splendid lunch on the Island and get you back to your Hotel, exhausted, but happy!

To enquire about Nha Trang: rbvn.concierge@gmail.com +84 (0) 258 3524 351
Enquiries in Saigon to Jeremy 0913-408-146 (whatsapp/zalo)


If you are looking for a Robinson Crusoe, sand between your toes experience then look no further than Whale Island. Our dive centre is open from February through to October which is when you will enjoy the best weather and conditions. There are no roads and no motorbikes on Whale Island so you can rest assured that you will experience the remote tropical island vibe you have been hoping for.

Daily boat dives, shore dives, night dives and PADI course are available at Whale Island and once you get into the water you won’t want to get out! Diving highlights here include a plethora of nudibranch (some of which have yet to be identified by science) and an array of diverse macro-life which makes it a dream for underwater photographers and nature lovers. We also have our own BIS Wreck in the Bay!

Whale Island is around 2 hours north of Nha Trang and we can arrange day trips there but by staying on the island in rustic beach front bungalows you’ll experience the true island feel and the reason why Jacques Cousteau fell in love with the ocean.

To enquire about Whale Island: rbvn.concierge@gmail.com +84 (0) 258-3524 351
Enquiries in Saigon to Jeremy 0913-408-146 (whatsapp/zalo)


Open all year round for classroom + pool training for all PADI Course. In Saigon we also offer residential PADI Divemaster and IDC programs as well as International school and University programs. We opened our Saigon branch in response to the large number of expats and students in the area and the centre is now gives divers access to diving all over Vietnam. If you take your pool and theory sessions here (or complete elearning) you can complete the Ocean dives at anyone of our other. We’ll help to organise transport and accommodation for you along the way too!

To book for Saigon please email: jeremy@divevietnam.com

Jeremy: 0913408146

Trinh: 0375025626

Phu Quoc Island

This beautiful Vietnamese island off the coast of Cambodia in the gulf of Thailand is a real get away from the crowds and hustle and bustle of some parts of Vietnam. Our Phu Quoc Island dive centre is open from October until end of April during which time we offer diving to the north and south islands, a full range of PADI courses including residential Divemaster and Instructor programs.
Phu Quoc has kept itself off the beaten track for many years but because of its warm waters, stunning scenery and improved transport links it is now being recognised as an upcoming tourist hot-spot. Phu Quoc’s nutrient rich waters mean that it has exceptional hard coral growth but nutrients can limit visibility to less than that of Nha Trang and Whale Island. Phu Quoc is an excellent choice for beginners as it offers safe and easy conditions and plenty to see underwater.
On land Phu Quoc is a popular choice for those seeking rest and relaxation. If you want to explore then check out Sao / Kem Beach which is one of the best in South East Asia with white sand and aquamarine clear waters. If you need to “beat the heat” then head to one of Phu Quoc’s waterfalls which are an ideal place to chill out and cool down – they do run seasonally so expect less in dry season and a torrent during the wetter months.

To enquire about Phu Quoc: rbvn.concierge@.com +84 (0) 258-3524 351
Enquiries in Saigon to Jeremy 0913-408-146 (whatsapp/zalo)

Con Dao Island

Natural beauty, undiscovered places and a diverse underwater realm – Con Dao is one of our favourites for good reason! Our Con Dao dive centre is fully equipped for daily exclusive speedboat diving plus a full range of PADI courses including residential Divemaster and IDC programs. Con Dao is open from March to September and there is truly something for every diver. If you want to see pelagics in Vietnamese waters then Con Dao should be on your bucket list; never guaranteed, but sometimes pleasantly surprised!
Highlights of diving in Con Dao include dugongs, turtles and several shark species for big fish lovers whilst there is also a host of unusual critters which are perfect for macro photographers. The excitement and thrill of Con Dao underwater is a big contrast to Con Dao on land which has a relaxed vibe, incredible scenery, stunning nature and is somewhere to relax and unwind. Con Dao caters for every level of diver – we have sites suitable for beginners with calm, easy conditions yet we also have spots which offer more challenging conditions and an exhilarating ride for experienced divers.
On land you’ll find yourself largely in National Park areas which offer flourishing coconut groves, colourful tropical flowers, black squirrels and monkeys in the trees and a host of beautiful butterflies.
If you love nature and biodiversity then Con Dao has everything you are looking for and more.

To enquire about Con Dao: rbvn.concierge@gmail.com +84 (0) 258-3524 351
Enquiries in Saigon to Jeremy 0913-408-146 (whatsapp/zalo)

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Join us at any one (or more) of our dive centres and you’ll soon see why we are known as THE professionals and experts of Vietnam diving.

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